Day To Day

The sun still rises.
The sun still sets.
Even if none are there to witness its magnificence;
Even if none are there to witness the earth’s swinging,
strapped by gravity’s rubber band embrace,
turning on itself.

A feat of celestial proportions,
of life or death importance

often goes unnoticed.

The routine forgotten
claimed mundane.

The sun still rises
still sets
just the same.


About Jessica Lee

Jessica is a twenty-something poet who performs most of her work on stage in Spoken Word. She has found writing therapeutic since she was child, and has pursued it ceaselessly. She enjoys writing even the most fleeting thoughts and dreams as SensicalRavings. Between long retail shifts, she enjoys writing observational pieces (always with a slant) of locally relevant subjects as ALLGainesville. If you appreciate inspiring, coming-of-age suppositions, become a follower. Though it's not always roses, it's raw!

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