He Said Shit

He told me to shave my pits.

That I had everything he was looking for
If I could just take care of “this”.
Yeah, with a pointed-finger gesture
encircling my shoulder.

What a dick.

I mean, I could be negotiated into a trim.
But his insistence struck me as misogynist.
So I cited my knowledge on the alternative sexual experiences in our culture-
And he dismissed it.
Like I didn’t know what I was saying.
Despite being completely oblivious to our fabrication of the binary,
He said,
There’s no such thing as gender fluidity.
Trans is made up.

And then he started saying things that sounded really racist.
That all of a “certain people” are stupid because it’s just the way they’re parents raised them.
He was definitely racist.

And furthermore classist.
He said that another group was poor because they were lazy.

And the more he said
The more it struck me that
His qualities are all very much related.

If you happen to exhibit the tendencies of one of these inhumane traits
In any form
In any capacity
Be wary.
Because you likely also possess the others
And that makes you
a piece of shit.
That’s just it.
And you will suffocate in the stench
Of your prejudice,
Push away anyone with a conscience,
And further surround yourself with other pieces of shit
Until you all become a huge steaming pile.
Privileged only because nobody wants to go near you,
Spoiling the environment around you
So nothing is good for anyone
Unless you’re also shit.

This is why our own spaces exist.
So we can escape the smell
triggering our gag reflex.

I can’t speak for everyone.
But I know I hate being told how to live,
And at this point I refuse to engage in that conversation
Because time and time again
Those who criticize rarely listen.

And my lifestyle is not up for discussion
Or dictation
Or your shit shitty judgement.

I have a choice for a reason.

And I would, in fact, willingly shave all my hair off
so you can choke on it.


About Jessica Lee

Jessica is a twenty-something poet who performs most of her work on stage in Spoken Word. She has found writing therapeutic since she was child, and has pursued it ceaselessly. She enjoys writing even the most fleeting thoughts and dreams as SensicalRavings. Between long retail shifts, she enjoys writing observational pieces (always with a slant) of locally relevant subjects as ALLGainesville. If you appreciate inspiring, coming-of-age suppositions, become a follower. Though it's not always roses, it's raw!

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