It is Summer

The dry sky.
Not a single, frozen dew drop.
Not another color beyond the blue,
besides the hot, white Sun.

I am told it is, in fact, yellow.
But I won’t stand staring at it in argument.
Going blind.

Let’s just call it bright.

Though it is humid and I am hot,
the sky is dry
and the Sun
is bare and unblocked
from its 8 light-minute journey,
beating upon the breadth of the Earth’s crust,
nourishing vegetation,
tanning hides,
sending mammals, like myself,
in search for shade
and fresh water.

It is Summer.

And I am hot
with the weather.


About Jessica Lee

Jessica is a twenty-something poet who performs most of her work on stage in Spoken Word. She has found writing therapeutic since she was child, and has pursued it ceaselessly. She enjoys writing even the most fleeting thoughts and dreams as SensicalRavings. Between long retail shifts, she enjoys writing observational pieces (always with a slant) of locally relevant subjects as ALLGainesville. If you appreciate inspiring, coming-of-age suppositions, become a follower. Though it's not always roses, it's raw!

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