Let’s Fly, Let’s Fly Away; Dream 9/17/2014

Fly with me to where the Earth curves,
a horizon interrupted by undulations of
the dense, fluffy condensation of the clouds.

Let us bow our heads towards the Earth
and giggle at the expanse of our shadows across mountains.

Limbs outstretched,
I can feel the brush of your fingertips
and the fine hairs across our skin, windswept.

We are weightless,
and I am similarly reminded of last night’s dream
where you were in bed with me
on a night that you were indeed in bed with me.

I believed that you stirred before dawn
and bent forward, on top of me.

I could feel your presence.
The strength of your arms holding yourself up
barred against my shoulders.
I opened my eyes
and pressed my knees, legs bent, on either side of your hips,
reached up to grasp your biceps.

You leaned into me
and I felt full, complete;
Content, a deep understanding;
Surrounded by light and dark, simultaneously.

Mystery is often the convergence of illusion and reality.
Rests on faith for acceptance.
And my dream afforded me the questions,
Am I happy? Filled with meaning?
Are you really there with me?

Yes, yes, yes.
As much as I choose,
I believe.

Love and light surrounds me.


About Jessica Lee

Jessica is a twenty-something poet who performs most of her work on stage in Spoken Word. She has found writing therapeutic since she was child, and has pursued it ceaselessly. She enjoys writing even the most fleeting thoughts and dreams as SensicalRavings. Between long retail shifts, she enjoys writing observational pieces (always with a slant) of locally relevant subjects as ALLGainesville. If you appreciate inspiring, coming-of-age suppositions, become a follower. Though it's not always roses, it's raw!

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